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April 4th - Arty Moxie, Food Prepping, Canning Sweet Potatoes, Yes Please!

I forgot to mention - I made a little time-lapse of the process....

Why am I prepping canned food and freezing soup? Really, because it's just something to do, it makes me feel better, it's relaxing (if you don't give yourself vegetable-chopping-elbow), and it's cathartic.

Sweet Potato Bread

We had so much sweet potato! I cooked up the skins for the chickens, canned 6 quarts, and then made sweet potato bread with some. We still have a bit in the fridge still, too. I guess tomorrow we're having sweet potato pancakes.

Here is the awesome series of videos for new pressure canning folk:

How to Use a Pressure Canner

Moxie Getting her Art On!


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