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Do you know these women? 

When I was asked to be a muralist for the February 7th, 2020,  "Futuristic Females" event at Snood City Neon in Phoenix, Arizona, I thought deeply about what I wanted on that 8x8' panel. These are climate crisis activists that have been working for at least 5 years to over several decades to save our future.  Some began their own climate activism movements before they were teenagers. When people asked during my live-painting I'd tell them that these women were climate activists. More than a few said "But, what about Greta?" or "Where is Greta Thunberg?" I would reply, "But, you know who Greta is, don't you?" I love what Thunberg is doing, A LOT. However, these women of color have been working diligently in that same path - and we should know and recognize them as well. So, if you've never met them - let me introduce you. Click the links below to be taken to their Wikipedia pages, personal websites, or social media platforms. Learn about these women. THEY ARE OUR HEROES!

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Download The ZINE! 

Carry around these women's stories for your own inspiration or to give to others! Download this image and fold it into a pocket-sized zine! You can find instructions on how to fold it using this video tutorial I did a little while back!

2Know Your Heroes Women Devoted to Savin
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