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April 6 - Review of "Self-Made", Yes Please Insights, Second-Hand Stress, Bike Ride, Waseca Reading

Review/Rant of "Self Made"

Spoiler - This is a mini-review + rant of "Self Made". I mentioned a bit of the plot of "Self Made" that happened in the last 15 minutes of the mini-series. Short story: I was really bugged by this show.

Yes Please - looooving this so far. She's talking about body image and quieting the demons in the back of your brain talking trash about your body. She also speaks to how we should all support other women, what ever choices they've made, and be aware that little comments meant to be supportive or complimentary can really tear another woman down.

Second-Hand Stress: I'm thinking a lot (probably, too much, okay, definitely too much) about more than a few women in my life right now who are going through so much. However, I'm not sure if this fret is helping anyone, me, my friends, or their situation. Working on this and trying to be whoever is the best person to be in this moment for them. Not always achieving that, I think. I'm trying, though.

Epic Bike Ride: I went almost 15 miles today. The headwind was super strong going out, so I went as far as time and legs would allow so I could zoooooom back. It was bliss.

Home-Schooling Things Tomorrow: Going to show what the "Waseca Reading Program" looks like and this "My Talking World Map Set" is all about.


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