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April 8 - Yes I know Google Owns Youtube, Gardening Day, and Cashew Cream for the Win!

Today deviated a bit from an inside day to an outside day. Lots of garden/farm work!

Gardening Day!

We've got soooo may little baby fruits on the tress. Apples, peaches, pears, figs - oh, my! Lest the birds get their share, we have to put these nylon bags around them. In fact, two bags because those birds are persistent with the peck, peck, pecking. I put on my headphones and bagged up as much as I could. We're gonna need more bags! I did some timel-lapses, because, why not?

In the below video Cormac is planting a butternut squash seedling. Moxie proceeds to come over and rip the leaves right off it (off camera). I thought Cormac might get angry at Moxie, but instead he apologized to the plant! Hahaha - such a cutie. Moxie is a little heavy handed!

Cashew Cream for the Win!

In my last video I mentioned how I'm trying my best to be vegan. "Vegan on a good day" is how I put it, which isn't the best way to do it, but it's what I can do now. Anyway, giving a best effort at veganism affords certain tricks that come in super handy. One such trick: cashew cream. Soak one or two cups of cashews in water for 4-8 hours, then blend it up with what ever spices (sweet or savory) and you have yourself a cream that would rival any cow-based bishness.

Here's a great video on Cashew Cream!

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